Custom Made SpursFrancis Cloudt - Custom Made Spurs

Francis Cloudt personally creates handmade custom spurs. The ability to create equipment that working cowboys and professional horseman can appreciate comes from having ‘been there, done that’ and knowing first hand what works.

About Francis

Francis is a man of many words at times but few can describe the amazing person and lifestyle he brings to those who get to really know him.

Francis Cloudt was born and raised in Arizona on many ranches. Living on a ranch meant that he was horse back and chasing cows as soon as he could sit by myself. Francis has been following cowboys from the start, one cowboy in particular was his father. His father was a cowboy and ranch foreman all his life. Francis has rode, roped, and ranched all over the west in Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

To Francis “Cowboying” means being a “Cow Puncher”, he uses the term to describe a cowboys lifestyle, riding and chasing cows. Francis doesn’t call himself a Cowboy, but to many that is exactly what he is.

Francis married his beautiful wife Kim in 1979 in Arizona. In the spring of 1982 they moved to Bayfield Co with their 3 sons and later welcomed their daughter. Francis and his wife still live in Bayfield where they have a small herd of cattle and horses, and grow hay. Now that his kids are grown, he has been blessed with 2 grandsons who are eager to following in PaPa Cloudts footsteps. When Francis is not tending his herd he is an avid Lion hunter and has been known to still chase a wild cow or two.

In 1983 Francis had the pleasure to meet and become life long friends with Legendary spur maker Bo Bonds. Bo passed on his passion to build good, usable quality spurs for the working cowboy.
Today Francis makes custom spurs for everyone who will appreciate his special talent and use the spurs the way they are meant to be used, chasing cows and riding horses. He offers many of his styles here to purchase or he will produce a custom pair of spurs to your specs, brand or story. Contact him by phone or email to start the process rolling.